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Jones Beach: What to know before you go to a show

Jones Beach: What to know before you go to a show

Long Island (Writer)-Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater is back in business. After a shortened season last year, the waterside Wantagh venue kicks off a full roster of shows that begins June 2 with Nick Cannon Presents MTV’s Wild N’Out comedy show,  and runs through mid-September. (Other opening week shows include Tim McGraw on June 3 and Lynyrd Skynyrd on June 4.)

But, there’s some housekeeping to take care of first. Here are a variety of details ticket holders should be aware of before taking their seats.

What are the current COVID protocols at the venue?

Because of the constant fluidity of the pandemic, ticket holders are asked to make sure that before arriving at the venue it is essential that they check the specific event page for the latest entry requirement details. Live Nation’s website states, “Ticket purchasers will also receive direct emails with important information leading up to the show. Please note that requirements and venue protocols (such as masking, testing and vaccination) are subject to change, so be sure to check back closer to your event date for the latest information.”

Are bags allowed to be brought in? If so, what kind?

Yes bags are allowed, however only specific ones such as plastic, vinyl, or PVC tote bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” and/or small clutch bags (4.5”x 6.5”). Those with any other types will be told to put them back in their cars.

Am I allowed to bring in a camera, food or water?

One gallon of water per person in a factory sealed or empty bottle is allowed and any food must be in a clear one gallon ziplock bag. As far as cameras are concerned, only non-professional ones with no detachable lenses are admissible.

How early does the theater open prior to each show?

The venue's main plaza and VIP club will open 90 minutes prior to the posted start time of the event. All opening times are subject to change and updates will be posted on Live Nation’s website.

In what form do tickets need to be in?

Live Nation's website notes, “All events will be Mobile Entry. That means your mobile device will be used to gain access to the event. Tickets will not be emailed or available for print (for previously scheduled shows where you selected print at home or mail, your tickets will be honored accordingly).” Tip: make sure to charge your phone before you come to the gate.

Is it possible to buy tickets for a show on the same night of a performance?

The venue box office is open, noon through 9 p.m., for day of show and future tickets sales, based upon availability.

Is there public transportation to the venue? If so, what is it?

“NICE and Live Nation will run concert buses from the Freeport LIRR station non-stop to the East Bathhouse beginning 90 minutes before showtime,” says Live Nation’s Adam Citron, General Manager for Concerts at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater. “The service will depart from the East Bathhouse and run to the Freeport station for 90 minutes after the show.”

What food concessions will be available this year?

“Guests will have the ability to purchase and taste some of the best celebrity chef offerings this summer such as Voltaggio Burger, Jon & Vinny’s Pizza, Questlove’s Cheesesteak (plant-based option), Art Bird Chicken, Tim Love’s BBQ, Trejo’s Tacos, Dog Haus and our VIP club will be offering freshly shucked local oysters at select shows,” says Citron. “We will also be offering music-themed food and beverages during select events.”

Are alcohol drinks for sale inside the theater?

Those 21 and over with proper ID can raise a glass and enjoy cocktails, craft beers, hard seltzers and local wine at several locations in the theater such as the Lighthouse Pub, Beachcomber Bar, Sea Side Bar, Rockin’ The Mike and Taste NY Bar.

Do ticket holders need cash or can they use other forms of payment?

“All points of sale will only accept credit or debit. The Venue Box Office does accept cash for ticket transactions,” says Citron. “As a convenience for guests, the venue does offer a Reverse ATM Kiosk. Guests may insert cash at this Reverse ATM Kiosk, and the Kiosk will dispense a Visa Gift card that may be used at all points of sale. Guests may use this Visa gift card anywhere Visa is accepted, should they not utilize all the funds while attending an event.”

Do you suggest any specific kind of attire?

“We would recommend guests be mindful of the anticipated local weather conditions and bring proper attire should the weather not cooperate with us,” says Citron. “There is the possibility of cool conditions at times since we are in such close proximity to the ocean waters.”

Are all shows rain or shine?

“Guests will be able to view event status via our social pages, which are updated to ensure we provide our guests with the most current information regarding events,” says Citron.

Are there any special deals or discounts offered on Jones Beach shows? If so, where and how can they be accessed?

Check livenation.com for discounts and event upgrades. Sometimes when attending a concert at Jones Beach Theater there will be special offers for future shows in the season sold in the entrance courtyard.  

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